Wedding Jewelry

Bride's Necklace
I had the honor of designing two pieces of jewelry for my friend's wedding recently.  One for the bride and one for the flower girl.  The bride's colors were platinum and periwinkle.  Her theme was butterflies.  She had commented on a similar piece of jewelry I had given away as a gift and I used that piece as my inspiration for her design. 

Included in this piece are 10mm White Jade Stones and 8mm Swarovski Pearls in Crystal Lavender.

The flower girl's necklace was a bit tricky as I've never designed jewelry for a four-year-old however, I can now add this to my list of expertise!
In this piece I again used 10mm White Jade and Swarovski Pearls in Crystal Lavender.  Both pieces are finished with a Sterling Silver Toggle.


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