I have found that there are many tips and tricks on the internet today regarding the polishing of silver.  First and foremost though, only use 100% cotton cloth when attempting to retrieve shine to your piece.  I use a Sunshine Polishing Cloth however, in a pinch, a cotton or flannel cloth will do the trick. Please be advised, if you are using a polishing cloth, not to rub on your gemstones.  These cloths contain cleansing agents and micro-abrasives that are not conducive to gemstone health.

**DO NOT**
  • Use Toothpaste
  • Use Baking Soda
  • Use a Toothbrush
These methods will scratch the silver (one of the softest metals) and eventually even a master jeweler won't even be able to buff your piece to its original shine.

In my studio, when my silver needs a shine, I use a dab of mild dish detergent, warm water, and a baby brush.  Once I've cleaned those little crevices I dry the item with 100% cotton cloth (am I getting the point across yet?), and buff using my polishing cloth to a high shine.

There are many pastes and silver cleaners on the market.  Having learned the hard way, I've opted not to use ANY of them.  Should you wish to roll the dice, do so at your own risk.

Storage:  Silver tarnishes naturally.  Believe it or not, our natural skin oils slow this process.  However, what to do with your piece when it isn't being worn?  Why store it in a zip-lock bag of course! 


Pearls are very delicate and require special care.  Do not use silver polishing cloths on your pearls.  If you notice your pearls are becoming a bit grimy, simply dab with a wet cloth.  Tip* you can add a little shine to your pearls with a touch of Olive Oil.   Make sure you wipe your pearls with a cloth when you take them off and store them away from other jewelry.  If further cleaning is required, take your pearls to a jeweler. 


Most gemstones are rather simple to clean.  You can mix a solution of 3 parts water and one part ammonia.  Dip your piece in the solution and clean gently with a tooth brush and rinse. This works for diamonds as well!

As a rule of thumb, you should take your jewelery to a reputable jeweler once every 6 months to a year for cleaning. 

*Please Note* All of my jewelry is of mixed medium.  The order in which I clean a piece, is the gemstone first, then the sliver.