Where the Magic Happens...

I've been working diligently in the studio these past few weeks on several projects.  Today I had an epiphany!  Maybe my readers would like to see where The Magic Happens?  Every Artist has their 'Area' where their creativity comes to fruition.  Often you can find me here, with either music, or some documentary in the background. 

As you can see I've reconditioned an old sewing desk and it work's quite well now as a jewelers desk.  I've got gemstones and crystals in tubs, tubes, drawers, and cups.  All of my tools are neatly placed in the drawers below.  As is my Sterling.

I keep thinking I should refinish the top, only to realize that even with my anvil, I still managed to scratch up the surface.  I've recently been considering covering the top with felt, which will not only add a nice look, but keep the crystals and gemstones from scratching if dropped.  

So here you have it...Shell's workspace which is forever growing.  What you can't see in the picture is the Dremel, and Anvil which I just don't have attached to the side of the desk as of yet :)  In the spring, the plan is to move and have a larger space and maybe a new desk...just what I need...more room for beads :)

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