What's Hot for 2010?

I've always prided myself on creating hip one of a kind pieces that stand above the rest. As the summer draws to a close, I find myself wondering just what you, my reader is looking for when you shop for jewelry...

One of the biggest hurdles in designing jewelery is actually getting over oneself. I have to confess that for several years, I only designed items I liked. How shallow of me!

This season, the bigger, the bolder, the better. Apparently, "statement" pieces are in! Good to know I'm doing something right!

Chandelier earrings are still hot however, bolder colors are more prominent. You'll see more garnet, and deep hued gemstones.

Dangle earrings stay tried and true this year. Again, it's all about making statements this year.

As always, black and white pieces will prevail.

Darker metals with lighter gemstones, or lighter metals with darker gemstones will also be on scene.

Most importantly vintage pieces are now more popular than ever. Ranging from a piece that has true history to the more modern Steampunk pieces showing up on the market today.

Truth be told, trends vary from person to person. What one forecaster claims is truly "trendy," another one claims isn't. Personally, I try to put my own spin on the current trend. Hey, I never claimed I was a "go with the flow," gal!

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