What's H.O.T. for 2011?

It's true that a classic piece of jewelry can be timeless.  However, a girl needs more than one classic piece of jewelry.  Wearing one piece too often ~ has been known to bore even the best of us!

It seems the "Fashionistas" met all the way back in June to decide what styles would be trending for the winter of 2011.  Apparently, big and bold is where it's at this season.  Sound familiar?  That's because big and bold was also trendy last season...now how often does that happen?

Metals are also in as well.  Not so much on the gold front, rather silver and darker metals ~

Now, personally, this has a touch of Steampunk style and I have to admit...I like it!

But wait!  Don't forget the fringe!  That's right folks, the powers that be insist these pieces will be rockin the catwalks this winter~
The fashion world has simply gone mad. There is no doubt in my mind that these will be show stoppers in Paris, Milan, and New York.  But tell me...are you going to sport this necklace to the office, or dare show up at the club with that god awful hair clip?

Now, anyone that knows me, knows I'm all about making a statement.  I would rather that statement be one of class and ALWAYS in good taste.  Looks like Fairy Dust Studio won't be rolling with the trendy crowd this year ladies and gents ~ Maybe that's a good thing?


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