Listia Baby!

Once in a while, selling my pieces actually destroys my creative process, so I have to step away for a bit.  In this case, I had a friend request a matching necklace to the bracelet I had given her...that is all it took.  Situation rectified with a quickness, and here we are once again.

Recently, I found  Listia, a site where people list items they wish to give away and the public bids w/credits...NOT cash!  Some sellers even offer free shipping.  Naturally, when I spied all of the Clinique, Lancome, Tommy, MAC & Sephora, it was a wrap!

I've listed 4 pieces and a stuffed purse auction.  So far the bids are low, but I like what I see and may stay a while.  Have a look at what Fairy Dust Studio is giving away!

How do you earn credits?  Well you list your free stuff of course!

Check this Ed Hardy bag out!  It's stuffed with all kinds of goodies!

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